Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning is a fantastic way to heat or cool your Perth home.  With the ever-changing weather conditions in Perth. An efficient form of heating and cooling is needed for your home.  So with the increasing energy efficiency of reverse cycle air conditioning systems, it is fast becoming very popular. The reason for this is you can heat or cool an area of your home very quickly and efficiently. This is done with minimal fuss and cost.

reverse cycle air conditioning actron air wall split

My experience with Reverse cycle air conditioning wall split system

I personally use 2 forms of reverse cycle air conditioning systems. The First is a split air conditioning system. I use it for both heating and cooling my small factory office. The air conditioning system works very well in both summer and winter and does a fantastic job of heating and cooling my Perth office. Prior to the split system, I was using a small electric heater in winter. The heater was constantly running and never ever made the room comfortable. The running cost of the electric heater was around $40.00 a bill. I decide to install a reverse cycle split system air conditioner. I discovered the following differences which I was very happy with.

  • The temperature within the office made it comfortable to work in.
  • Cold mornings warmed the office up very quickly.
  • Summertime kept the office very cool and was able to work more effectively.
  • My overall running costs believe it or not actually reduced and my comfort level increased all year round.
  • The split system air conditioning cycle time was no constant once it reaches temperature. it would cycle on and off.

The supply and installation costs for my 2.5 kW wall split air conditioner was $1350.00 as it was not a standard back to back installation. It took the air conditioning Perth technicians less that 4 hours to install the system. Over all I was very happy to pay the minimal capital cost to achieve the end result.

Actron Air Esp Plus reverse cycle air conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning – My experience

I live in the Perth hills and I come from an evaporative air conditioning manufacturing back ground.  So I have used evaporative cooling for many years. I noticed with the weather in Perth was changing we were starting to get a lot more humid days. The comfort level within my home was not as it use to be. Because the evaporative air conditioners do not perform very well in humid weather. They are designed and work best in a hot dry heat. As it gets very cold in the Perth hills for my heating I was using a slow combustion wood heater. I was paying around $250.00 per tonne for wood and in a winter we would go through about 6 tonne.

Air conditioning – with a difference

So we decided to make a change. We mainly wanted a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system for the heating side. So we decided to leave the ducted evaporative air conditioning system that was already installed in position. The evaporative cooling was still in good working condition. So we just added a Panasonic ducted air conditioning system. Therefore this meant two sets of air conditioning vents in each room. This was not an issue as air conditioning vent placement for each ducted air conditioning system is opposite positions. Air conditioning Perth companies will tell you you cannot have both systems or they will not work. Well, I am speaking from personal experience and I am here to tell you they work very well together. You can not run them at the same time or would you want too. Evaporative cooling vents are closed up during winter. They are left open during summer.

Evaporative air conditioning v reverse cycle air conditioning

Replacing Evaporative air with reverse cycle air conditioning

I am asked a lot can you used the same flexible ducting and air conditioning vents. When replacing your ducted evaporative air conditioning system with a reverse cycle air conditioning system. The simple answer is no. However you can use some vent holes with a little less performance mainly in smaller bedrooms. All the flexible ducting used in the ducted air conditioning systems are different diameter and also different insulation.

If you would like more information or an obligation free quote  on a reverse cycle air conditioning please call me for an obligation free quote. We have some great Actron air Perth specials  on offer call now for more details.

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