Replacement ducted air conditioning

When a replacement ducted air conditioning system is required 5 important areas to consider. So after spending over 35 years in the air conditioning industry, the same mistakes are happening today from well known air conditioning companies. Therefore you need to ensure you ask the right questions.

Ducted air conditioning prices

The first question I ask my clients is, what is your budget I ask this question for several different reasons. Because with a higher budget more features will be included within your ducted air conditioning system. So below are several different examples.

  • A fixed speed reverse cycle ducted air conditioner is the cheapest type of ducted air conditioner on the market. The fix speed machine is old technology and is therefore not as efficient as the modern inverter. The fixed speed air conditioner is well suited for larger areas like office buildings and commercial spaces. Where air conditioning is constantly running and maintaining temperature. They are not ideal when you are trying to reduce running costs
  • A standard ducted inverter air conditioning system can help save running costs on your reverse cycle air conditioning system. Because the system will cycle on and off with the inverter technology. Many popular brands use this technology. Popular brands like Panasonic, Daikin Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu. The larger the system with your standard inverter the more vents you need to run. Therefore using excess energy.
  • Actron Air Esp Plus ducted air conditioning system is where things start to get interesting. Because esp technology has the ability to deliver the air that is required. Therefore no wasted energy Actron air is the only unit on the market offering this feature.
  • Actron air esp plus platinum Que. This system is the top of the range system by Actron Air. No other brand on the market has the complete package. So the platinum que offers individual temperature in each room and will only produce the energy and airflow which is needed

How much does ducted air conditioning cost to run

The second point we talk about is the running costs of your system. For the simple reason the smaller your system the cheaper it is to run cost to run air conditioner per hour. You may have a very large home with a large day time area. So you would need a large kW capacity to cool your home during the day. Were as at night you will not require the same capacity. Because at night time the heat load is reduced therefore the kW capacity is reduced. So when replacement ducted air conditioning is required. Look at all products on the market as technology changes. Some brands offer unique features that will suit the modern home and save on running costs.

Replacement ducted air conditioning design and re design

Not all air conditioning companies are the same. I recently inspected a ducted air conditioning system that was not working. It was less than 7 years old and installed by Perth’s most respected air conditioning company. When I entered the roof I was shocked by the design. The system was designed poorly and never air conditioned the home effectively from the day the system was installed. So when the system was replaced. We completely redesigned the whole Flexible ducting layout. The new ducted air conditioner unit was commissioned. The client was impressed with the difference in both airflow and cooling capacity. When installing a replacement a ducted air conditioning system. The company should ask a few simple questions if they truly care

  • When the ducted air conditioning was working were you happy with performance.
  • Is the house a hot or a cool home.
  • Do you have a brand reference
  • Are the right areas being air conditioned at the same time.
  • do we have the right type of air conditioning
  • what is your budget

Air conditioning Installation and components

As mentioned previously in the article. Not all air conditioning companies use best practices including the well know ones on installation and design. So do your home work sometimes you are better off going with a smaller company. They care more about the customer and the job . Not just the profits, some examples of cutting corners on components are as follows.

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning you can use both metal and plastic air conditioning vents. The plastic air conditioning vents will discolour after around 6-7 years. On the other hand aluminium vents will not discolour.
  • Motorised dampers you have both metal and plastic. I would recommend a quality steel motorised damper with a good foam seal.
  • Quality Australian made flexible ducting not a cheap quality imported flexible ducting.

Ducted air conditioning installations cost

Picking the write time of year to install your replacement ducted air conditioner can save you money on your system. You may ask why, here are 4 reasons I would install my system in the cooler months of the year.

  • Cooler months of the year offer not as much competition. Therefore the price should be more competitive.
  • Roof spaces are a lot cooler to work in so you will get a better quality jobs because the tradesman are not working in a 40 deg plus roof.
  • Run out specials with stock from your local Perth air conditioning company.
  • Installation lead times will be shorter when choosing an installation date and you have more access to the better air conditioning companies. Because they will not be booked out.