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Heating and cooling your Perth home I believe is a must these days. We have just had a very cold night. I woke up this morning and put on my ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. Within minutes I could feel the warm air starting to come through the air conditioning vents and circulate around the room slowly increasing the temperature.

Winter is a great time for catching up with family and staying indoors. Using the heating cycle of your reverse cycle air conditioning system. So depending on the type of system you have installed your running costs will vary.

Heating and cooling a single room

A split system air conditioning system is the perfect solution for heating a single room. The Actron air split system air conditioner starters off at 2.5 kW and goes up to 8 kW. The 2.5 kW will heat or cool a bedroom with ease. The 8 kW machine will heat or cool a large family room. The Wall split air conditioner has a stylish modern design and runs on R410a gas. Installation of a wall split on a back to back application can generally be done within 1/2 day. So ensure you used a qualified tradesman to do the job. Because this will ensure the system is install correctly. It will also ensure your wall split air conditioner is cover by the Actron air 5 year warranty.

actron air wall split system Perth

So If you would like more information fill in the contact form and we can arrange an obligation free quote as an indication of price. A small bedroom system with a 2.5kw would cost $1250.00 installed in a back to back application.

Air conditioning your whole home

If you are looking at air conditioning your whole home. The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is a perfect choice. Actron air has many different models to suit your budget and with the features and benefits, you require. My personal favourite is the Actron air esp plus system the system has unique features no other brand can offer. Such as operating a large ducted system with only one outlet running. Most other brands would need to run 3-4 outlets to deal with the minimum air flow from the machine. So the Actron air esp plus simply reduces the amount of air coming out. So this will save energy and you only need to air condition the rooms you are using.

heating and cooling Esp Plus digital compressor

Actron air heating and cooling specials

So Depending on the time of year you purchase your air conditioning system. We nearly always have a system on special which will heat and cool your home. Actron air has a fantastic special which is ending at the end of June so get in quick or you will miss out.

So contact us for an obligation free quote you will not be dissapointed.

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