Ducted Air Conditioning Cost

Many factors affect your Ducted Air Conditioning Cost. In this post, I will go through the important factors involved in the cost of your ducted air conditioning system. Many air conditioning companies will sell you the products they buy from there distributor. Be aware of any company selling one brand only. Because each brand has its own unique feature. Several examples of this would be. Actron Air with there range of Esp plus models is the only brand on the market that has the ability to ramp down to one outlet. Without the use of a dump zone which is how other brands try to achieve this task. Mitsubishi heavy industries machines come standard with inbuilt drain pumps on all of there ducted machines. So for tight roof spaces, this makes installation easier.

Ducted Air Conditioning Cost

The most important factor in choosing your system

In my opinion the most important factor in choosing your ducted air conditioning system. Is the place where you buy the system. Because not all air conditioning companies are the same. Do your homework and choose your Perth air conditioning company carefully. Because of no matter the ducted air conditioning cost. A poor choice of air conditioning company will cost you in the long run. Very few air conditioning companies will give you a choice of many different levels of service.

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Set a budget for your ducted air conditing cost

Setting a budget and sticking to it when choosing a ducted air conditioning system is a must. When setting your budget make sure you make allowances for the type of system you want. The larger the KW capacity the more the system will cost. Some brands you will pay a premium in the ducted air conditioning cost for features only available in that brand. An example would be the Actron air esp plus. But the other side of that coins is energy savings because the machine can reduce down the capacity when needed therefore saving on running costs.

Not all Air conditioning companies are the same

With the internet today you have the ability to do your homework prior to buying your air conditioning system. This is a must, in my opinion, the internet has given people the ability to be well research and informed when going and talking with the air conditioning business. Do not just click on the get a quote button. Or a ducted air conditioning cost calculator button. Because you will end up with some marketing company sell an air conditioning company a lead. Go to a quality company that has a good online presence and a showroom or factory. Some air conditioning companies will only sell the system installed. Other air conditioning companies will allow many different options. As an example, another option would be a do it yourself central air conditioning installation. This is an option is where you can reduce your ducted air conditioning cost. without losing quality because you do a large portion of the work.

Designing your air conditioning system correctly

It takes an industry expert to design a ducted air conditioning system correctly. Therefore take the time to find one. Sure you can read on the web take the tips ect and try to size it your self. Believe me, the experience is everything. Get it done by someone who does it for a living and has years of experience. Personally, I would go for a smaller company where they have skin in the game and reputation to protect.

The Brand is a big factor in ducted air conditioning cost

Many quality brands are available on the Perth market, It really depends on your application and if there are any extra ducted air conditioning installation costs that need to be considered. Quality brands like Actron Air, Mitsubishi heavy industries, Panasonic and Daikin are my favourite go to brands. Any of those 4 I wouldn’t hesitate to put in my own home. Some air conditioning companies will push you to one particular brand just be careful and be informed. A lot of my customers will already have a brand preference, as long as it is quality it will do the job.

Ducted air conditioning cost – Can be reduced buying your system at the correct time of year (Colder)

With ducted air conditioning systems buying at the right time of year can save you hundreds of dollar. Sometimes your decision will be swayed on a good quality brand offering a fantastic promotion or special offer Wintertime or the cooler months is when you will pick up the best pricing. The special offer is generally in the form of a cashback offer. Some quality brands will offer a product upgrade. this means you will get a better product with more feature and benefits for the same price. I have also seen some brands give away large ticket items such as Tv. You may ask why they do this, sometimes they are moving old models out. A lot of the time it is to get the stock moving for the season. Planning your purchase is a must to take advantage of the savings on offer

Alway use good quality components

We are seeing more and more imported products coming to the West Australian market. To be honest some of them are cheap and unreliable products. People think they are saving money whereas in the long it is actually costing them money. Because the product breaks down or is unreliable and doesn’t work. An example of products failing would be plastic Return air grilles. After a period of time the plastic drys out and goes brital and snaps. An aluminium grille is still going strong years later.

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