Complete Home Air conditioning

So with the ever-changing weather in Perth a complete home air conditioning package is a must. I believe in using quality products with all the features and benefits available to my budget. Therefore Actron Air has a ducted air conditioning system to suit your needs and budget.

Complete Home Air conditioning

Actron Air design and build quality ducted air conditioning systems. Using the latest technology for Australian conditions. Because we build large home in western Australia. Several Actron air models have unique features. Therefore are better suited to our larger Perth homes.

Standard Reverse cycle units V Actron Air Ducted Reverse cycle unit

So as an example a Large kW standard reverse cycle unit has to run a minimum of 3 – 4 outlets on minimum speed. Were as an Actron Air Esp Plus unit can ramp down to 10 % capacity of the unit which enables only one outlet running. So when sales guys tell you other brands can do that be careful as this is not the case. Actron air Esp Plus is the only unit on the market with this feature. This feature alone will allow for energy savings if used correctly.

Design of your system is crucial

Actron Air Esp Plus

No matter how good your complete home air conditioning system is. You will never be able to overcome poor design. I recently went to a Perth home where the system had been installed for over 10 years. The client said to me they were having airflow problems. I jumped up in the roof and had a look. What I found was disappointing. The flexible ducting was the incorrect size right from day one. We change it out to the correct size and the client couldn’t be happier.

Ducted Air Conditioning Prices

Prices on ducted air conditioning system vary for many reasons. The highest price difference would be related to the type of ducted air conditioning. This affects both capital purchase cost and also running cost. I am talking about Evaporative ducted air conditioning compared with reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system. They are 2 completely different systems. Offering very different comfort levels. Therefore different budgets are needed.

Evaporative air conditioning

Evaporative air conditioning v reverse cycle air conditioning

Evaporative air conditioning is a complete home air conditioning solution for cooling. When you are on a tight budget. So as a rough guide, Ducted evaporative air conditioning prices would start at $3500.00 fully installed. This system offers a cooling only function and is best suited to hot dry weather. The system, however, does not perform well in humid weather or provide a heating option. It is, however, cheaper to run on cooling than reverse cycle air conditioning.

Reverse cycle Air conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning is fast becoming the popular choice for a complete home air conditioning solution. Because it meets the needs of the consumer for Perths unpredictable weather patterns. Unlike the ducted evaporative air conditioning system, it offers both heating and cooling options. The reverse cycle air conditioning system also offers many different models that will suit different applications. A few examples would be a split system air conditioner. A perfect solution for heating or cooling a single room. Especially when you’re on a tight budget. The ideal choice for heating and cooling your whole of home would be a domestic ducted air conditioning system. The 2 types mentioned above are the most common and everyone would know.

Research your Perth Air Conditioning company

Do your research on the air conditioning company you are looking at buying your system from. Ensure they can answer all your questions without hesitation. Ensure they offer you the choice of many different brands. Because what I have found over the years no one brand will suit every application perfectly. Ask how long have they been in the indusrty. More importantly howlong have they been in business.

Air ducted air conditioning Brands

Research the brand and model you are buying

Like anything you buy doing your research is very important. Do not buy on price alone. Look online for the ducted air conditioning reviews on the brand you prefer. (A word of caution look at the overall picture, not just one or two reviews. Some quality brands have spammer ect target the online review system. If there is a particular issue with a brand. Ask the sales guy about that issue don’t always rely on the online comments. This will show the sales guy you are no pushover also. As an example, some of the quality brands, I sell are Actron Air, Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi heavy industries. Depending on the application.

Quality components is a must in Any Ducted air conditioning system

Quality of the components is just as important as the design of your system. Because the components have to deal with the extreme temperatures within your roof space. With some locations reaching industry 40 degrees plus. Consider metal over plastic for air conditioning vents as an example. For your zone control system use metal barrels instead of plastic. Ensure you use a metal return air conditioning vent. Because over time if plastic vents are used the plastic drys out and go brital.

Chose the right time of year for installation

When deciding on an air conditioning system choosing the right time of year to have your system installed is important. Because installing a system in summer will cost more. Then if you installed the same system in winter or out of season. I would recommend installing a system either side of the summer season.