Air Conditioning Heating Perth Homes

Winter is well and truly here.  Air Conditioning Heating Perth Homes is a must as the temperature is now dropping below 10 degrees. Because the nights are getting colder as we move into July and August. Actron Air has a solution for almost any application and budget. A lot of people are not aware that reverse cycle air conditioning is a very efficient form of heating your home. It is also the go-to cooling option for the right level of comfort within your Perth home.

actron air perth wall split controller
Air Conditioning Heating Perth Homes – Wall Split

The Actron wall split is a fantastic way to heat or cool an individual room to the correct temperature. Prices would start from around the $1200.00 range fully installed. With a wall split you can control the temperature within your room by means of the remote control supplied with every unit. The wall split is one of the cheaper forms of reverse cycle air conditioning to install in your home. The Actron wall split has sizes ranging from 2.5kw which will heat or cool a small bedroom. Right up to 8.0kw which will heat or cool a large family area or games room.  Therefore if you are on a limited budget an Actron air wall split would be a cost-effective solution for Air Conditioning Heating Perth Homes.

Air Conditioning Heating Perth Homes – Wall Split Multi head

The solution to Air Conditioning Heating Perth Homes

The wall split multi-head in similar to wall split with an outdoor unit and an indoor head unit in the area to be air conditioned. However, with a wall split multi head as the title suggests you can have more that 1 head unit connected depending on the size of the outdoor unit. A Wall split multi head can therefore air condition more than one room at the same time. A multi head unit can also have a different type of head units connected to it to suit the application. Such as a traditional head unit of a wall split. Or a mini ducted bulk head unit and a mini ceiling cassette unit.

Air Conditioning Heating Perth Homes – Ducted air conditioning

The Actron Air ducted air conditioning system is by far the most versatile in the Actron Air range. But is not always possible to install because of different construction methods used. A ducted air conditioning systems is designed to air condition large or small areas of your Perth home. Within the Actron air ducted air conditioning range, they have 3 different types. Each one is very different in features design and price. I have detail the features on other page of the site so please follow the links to compare the differences

  • Actron Air classic is the entry level ducted air conditioning from the Actron range and is suitable for many large and small homes were the budget is tight and the features are not needed.
  • Actron Air Esp Plus is a well featured ducted air conditioning system. the system has a great range of features and benefits including being the largest single phase unit on the market. The model is one on personnel favourites because of its features.
  • Actron Air Esp Platinum this system is the top of the range ducted air conditioning system loaded with lots of features and benefits. The system also has the latest visual display and features as standard.

Ducted Actron  Air conditioning in a perfect match for Air Conditioning & Heating Perth Homes. The ducted air conditioning system is split into zones. This enables you to reduce the amount of area being air conditioned. This will save you money on energy costs.

Unique feature of Esp Ducted Series

Because An Actron Esp plus or platinum system has a unique feature. In my opinion on a large home puts it in a class of its own. The reason being the system  can run as low as 10 % of it capacity so in effect  air condition 1 room of your home. No other ducted system can do this . Most air conditioning Perth companies will design in what they call a dump zone to move the excess air standard inverter air conditioner produce. Therefore this is wasted energy and unwanted energy costs.

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