Actron Specials

Every Perth air conditioning company offers fantastic Actron Specials to increase sales at different times of the year. Sometimes you get lucky and get a true offer. Right now we have 2 fantastic offers for the next couple of months for a complete home air conditioning system. Actron Air is an Australian made air conditioning brand. They have several fantastic Actron specials on offer at present. You will also go into a draw for a chance to win a holiday with some models of ducted air conditioning system purchased between 1/04/2019 and 1/07/2019.

Actron Air Classic comfort kit specials

actron air classic specials

So Included in the ducted air conditioning classic system. Are the following extras: 2 wall controllers, 2 free zones and a zone control card. What this means is extra control for your ducted Actron air classic air conditioning system without the extra cost. So what a fantastic way to get ready for winter with this special offer. We Can supply and install your classic ducted air conditioning in a day.

Saving money on your Actron classic ducted system

If you would like to save some more money you can do the installation yourself. Some parts of your installation have to be completed by qualified trades. We make the whole process simple and have the numbers for qualified tradesmen should they be required. Prices on ducted Actron air classic specials would start off at $7000.00.

What to do first in selecting the right size and installation

Over many years we have been selling air conditioning systems in the Perth market. We have found time and time again a face to face meeting with a set of house plans can answer nearly all of your questions. Some examples of the typical questions would be.

  • How much does it cost for my home. A hard question to answer without plans and knowing the way you live.
  • When is the best time of year to buy (right now with this fantastic special)
  • How long will it take to install my system .
  • Which brand or model has the best quality and most energy efficient.

So with my clients, I always start off with one question. What is your budget, I ask this question for 1 simple reason can you afford the system. Therefore as an example, let’s say you had a budget of $5000.00 and you wanted to install ducted air conditioning. This budget is unrealistic no mater the size of the home. Therefore knowing your budget also allows me to recommend the best brand and model to suit your budget. I will also determine the type of installation.

So remember this actron air classic special has a limited time to run. So act now and don’t miss out, give me a call or call by the factory for a chat.

actron air Esp Ultima specials

Actron Air Specials – Ultima

So the Ultima special offers more control over your ducted air conditioning system within your Perth home. Individual temperature control within each room. The Actron air Ultima also has esp technology. Therefore allowing the machine to scale down to one room. This feature will have the ability to save energy in a large family home. Particularly when you reduce the area being air conditioned.

Actron Air Esp Ultima  comfort specials

Actron Air Ultima esp plus is a very versatile unit with the actron air special on at present makes it a very attractive option including 4 zones at no cost. Send us your house plans for an obligation free quote.

Actron Air Perth Special Diy

Want to save even more money and do most of the work yourself. We can offer Diy air conditioning kits. Comes complete with a tailored design to suit your home. We use quality Australian made flexible ducting and locally made products were possible. In all of our ducted air conditioning systems, we also use good quality air conditioning vents. We have many different styles to choose from. We can also have one of our qualified trades to come out and commission your system correctly. Because this will ensure the Esp plus feature is set up correctly if that is the model you choose. This feature alone will save you money in the long run.

Come by the factory for a chat to discuss your need or email me your house plans.