Actron Air Ultima

Actron Air Ultima Perth

Actron Air Ultima a fantastic solution for heating and cooling your Perth home. Many other systems try to match the versatility and fail. The Ultima combined with the Actron Air Esp Plus technology put the system in a league of its own. Only one other system offers more versatility and that is the Actron Air Esp Platinum with a Actron Air Que controller. Because the system is all wireless and has LCD screens.

4 Reason to choose the Actron Air Ultima

  • Different temperatures in different rooms at the same time. you might ask why would I want this. People have different comfort levels eg women feel the cold more than men. So depending on time of day sun maybe heating up one side of the house more than the other. This feature also has the potential to save energy.
  • Master controller to communicate with all other sensors and zone controllers with your home.
  • Individual zone control. you have the ability to turn the air conditioning off in that room and actron air Ultima is smart enough to adjust the air flow correctly through the esp plus mode.
  • Zone sensors can be fitted and keep areas to the right temperature. This is ideal for kids bedroom were you don’t want them playing with wall controllers.

The Actron Air Ultima air conditioning system is now becoming very popular in all sorts of applications Such as office buildings were different people might have different comfort levels. Therefore this type of system is perfect for the family home. So the baby room can be kept a little warmer to help them sleep. Then perhaps the rest of the home.

As summer is now fast approaching. Now is  time to consider which Actron Air Perth Ducted air conditioning system best suits your home and way of life. Actron air has a system to suit any realistic budget. Australian made air conditioning systems built to last.