Actron air split system

Weather patterns in Perth are changing. An Actron air split system is an easy solution to keep your room at the right temperature. Right now in Perth, the weather is changing and the colder months are coming. So now is the time to look at getting ready for winter. Because we have some fantastic specials on at present. For both Actron air split system and Actron air ducted air conditioning systems.

actron air wall split system Perth

5 reasons to choose a Actron air split system

Budget : When you are on a tight budget a split system is the perfect choice. Because you can air condition the part of the home you need to. It will not break the budget and you will not loose quality. You can then also add another split system to the home when your budget has improved.

Heat and Cool: your Actron air split system will heat and cool your room very effectively. The system is controlled by a remote control. Turn the system on set the temp

Cheap to run: Reverse cycle air conditioners are a very efficient form of heating. Compare with a small electric fan heater or a large ducted gas heater.

Installation: The installation of your wall split system can be completed in a few hours. All installations need to be carried out by qualified tradesmen. This will ensue your system operates correctly and perform as it should

Service and maintenance: The front door of the wall split can be opened were the filter is positioned. Remove and clean this should be done approximately every 3 months So this will ensure the system keeps performing as expected.

Selecting the right installation company

For some reason, a lot of consumers buy wall split systems from big-box retailers. In my opinion, this is a mistake. Because they typically sell back to back installation. Because of the design of homes these days the installation is not always back to back. Or the conditions that they place on back to back don’t even meet manufacturers specs. You are then left to squabble with there subcontractor who wants more money. This is the reason I strongly recommend a specialised air conditioning company. They can size and install your split system correctly without any hidden charges. Use Google to find one with a good reputation.

Finally before installing Actron air split system

If you are installing 3 or more and have a little left in your budget. I would defiantly consider a ducted actron air esp plus air conditioner. Because this unit would have the ability to do one room or 4 rooms at the same time. So therefore instead of maintaining many machines, you would only have to maintain one with a ducted air conditioning system.