Actron Air Que Controller

The Actron Air Que Controller is the most advance Actron controller on the market. Therefore this technology will lead the way in the coming years for ducted air conditioning control systems. The Actron Que control system is Australian made. So is the complete range of Actron ducted air conditioning systems.

Actron Que Controller

Actron Air Que Controller PerthThe Actron Que controller is a sleek modern design using high-quality components. It is the most advanced integrated Actron Air control system on the market.  Because the Actron Que controller has the only dedicated dashboard feature on the market. With an easy to read interface to identify the status of your air conditioning system. Air conditioning wall controllers are normally very visible within your home so why not have  Рthe stylish Actron Que controller on your wall.

Que Zone Controller

The Que zone controller provides the ultimate solution in zone control. For your Actron ducted air conditioning system. So the Que zone controller can control the temperature or turn the zone (or even the whole system) on or off from inside the zone itself. Because the Que zone controller can operate wirelessly. So there is no need to run cables. Therefore you will save time and money on installations costs.

Actron Air zone controller

QUE Zone comes packed with features, including:

  • Reversible graphical display background
  • Individual zone control
  • Battery or wired power
  • Wireless communication
  • Zone ON/OFF
  • System ON/OFF
  • Individual zone timer
  • System mode
  • System fan speed

Que Sense Controller

Actron Air Que Sense

The Que sense controller can be placed any were in your home where you need precise temperature control. Que sense connects wirelessly with the Actron Que Controller or the Actron Air zone controller. So the Que sense controller would be ideal for a kid playroom or bedroom. The reason being small hands cannot play with the settings. Wireless controls Make the installation of all the added features on the Actron Que so easy. QUE Sense comes packed with features, including:

  • Individual zone temperature control
  • Battery or wire power
  • Wireless communication
  • Utilised as a secondary sensor.

Que Connect

Actron Air Que Connect

Because Que can be installed on many different devices mobile devices. Therefore you can control your system from any were. QUE Connect features a clean and intuitive design that makes it extremely easy to use. Even allowing you to control the individual temperatures in those zones that have individual temperature control. So when you are driving in your car you can control your air conditioning system from your mobile phone. Where ever you have a wifi connection you can control your Actron Air Ducted air conditioning system.

So the Actron Air Que controller is only available within the Actron Platinum air conditioning system. Because the Actron Que controller has a lot of advanced features that are not available in the other Actron models. Please call us for more information on you Actron Air Perth Ducted air conditioning system.