Actron Air Prices

Actron air prices at present are at a fabulous level. Because we are in the middle of winter in Perth the nights are getting colder. Therefore what better way to heat your Perth home than with a stylish Actron air conditioning system. At present we have some fantastic special Actron air prices on their complete range at present. Actron Air has an air conditioning system to suit your application and budget. Starting off with a single room air conditioning system.

Actron Air Prices – Wall Split 2.5kw right up to 8.0kw

Actron Air Prices wall split perth

Wall split systems are the perfect solution for heating or cooling one room. If your budget is tight this is the type of air conditioner I would look at. Actron Prices starting at $1200.00 fully installed. Based on back to back installation. We offer obligation free quotes on all of air conditioning systems. We also offer a solid 5-year warranty on all our Actron wall splits installations. Presently we can offer quick installation times. If 3 or more wall splits are bought at the same time we will offer a further discount if bought at the right time of year.

Actron Air Prices –  Classic

Actron Air Classic Perth

The Actron air ducted air conditioning range has many different sizes and models. Each series has a different price point. Because like any thing you buy you pay for the features and benefits of the different models. Actron Air ducted air conditioning system are no different. Therefore the Actron air prices start off at around $6000.00 for a fully installed Actron Air classic series ducted air conditioning system. This would depend on the number of air conditioning vents  and zones installed. The biggest factor to affect the price with any ducted air conditioning system is the kW size of machine required. Because every home is different it is very hard to give accurate pricing. As there are many different size homes in Perth.

Actron Air Prices –  Esp Plus

Actron Air Esp plus

The Actron Air Esp plus series has been around for many years. Because of the ever increasing rising energy costs. Saving energy is a must now days wherever possible. Therefore this is one of the reasons Actron Esp Plus air conditioning system is worth considering. The Actron air Esp plus range has  the ability to ramp down to 20% of its capacity. You may ask why is this so important. The reason being with Perth homes growing in size. Therefore we need a large ducted air conditioning system to cool our large open living family areas during the day. Whereas at night you do not need the same capacity. Because the heat load is gone so a smaller capacity would do. Their lies the problem with a standard inverter. This is were the Actron Esp Series stands alone. No other air conditioning unit on the market can ramp down to 20% capacity or 1 outlet. This is fantastic for night time use when you don’t need the same cooling capacity.

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