Actron Air Perth

Ducted Actron Air Perth is fast becoming a popular choice for ducted air conditioning Perth homes. All the well established Perth home builders now offer ducted air conditioning when building your new home. Only some builders offer the high quality Actron Air systems. Because we are nearing the end of winter, now is the time act. We are still offering some fantastic  Actron Air Prices

Actron Air Perth

3 Reasons to choose an Actron Air System

Actron Air is the largest air conditioning manufacturing in Australia . They have been  built and designed for Australian conditions. The brand has been producing units in Australia for over 30 years.

Because they produce energy efficient products . Actron Air market share has continued to  grow over the years. The products are well designed with unique features different from the traditional inverter systems.

My favourite model is the Ducted Actron Air Esp Plus range. The system as far as I am concerned offers value for money through all stages of life. The homes in Perth Western Australia keep getting bigger. The Actron Air Perth system needs to air condition a large family area during the day. The Actron Air can then reduce down the capacity of the machine. Therefore to runĀ  2-3 bedrooms at night more efficiently. Because the Actron air esp plus system has the ability to reduce the capacity for both indoor and outdoor unit. The Actron Air Perth system only uses the energy needed.

Actron Air Platinum Esp Plus – High End Ducted Air System

Platinum Esp Plus is Actron air most advance and energy efficient ducted air conditioning system. The system has a true digital compressor and is the most energy efficient Actron Air system on the market. The platinum series has the ability to set different temperatures in different rooms. The system can also ramp down to 20% of its capacity.

Actron Air Perth Que controller

Actron Air Que Controller

The Platinum Esp Plus can have the option of a Que Controller upgrade. The Actron Air Que controller has the latest in wireless technology. Actron Air Que system offers state of the art diagnostics functions.

Ducted air conditioning components

Quality ducted air conditioning components are a must. They compliment your Actron Air Perth Ducted air conditioning system. Using quality components in your air conditioning system can improve performance. Which components am I referring to you might ask ?

  • Insulated flexible ducting comes in several different R rating as a minimum you need to ensure R 1.0 is used. I would also highly recommend to buy Australian made flexible ducting. Insulation that is produced in Australia will be of better quality and you are supporting local workers.
  •  Every ducted air conditioning system uses a return air grille. A lot of air conditioning companies use plastic instead of metal to save a few dollars. You as the consumer need to insure it is Aluminium as they last longer than plastic and dont dry out and go brittle.
  • Supply and return air plenum’s should be insulated metal not compressed foam another way of saving costs.

Choosing the right Air conditioning company to install your system

This in my opinion is one of the most important decisions. Check the name and background of the company your are going to spend your money with. Ensure they have used the same trading name for 5 years or more. Some companies change there name every few years to avoid exposure to warranty. In my opinion a 5 year warranty is a fair time period to honour work man ship. Because it is the same warranty period that manufacturers offers for machines. Any thing higher I would ask will they be around to honour it. Lower than 5 years tread carefully.

Actron Air Perth Esp plus

Actron Air ducted system – Pick the right time of year to install

People ask me when is the best time of year to install your air conditioning system. First of all let me say this. Summer time would be the most expensive time of year to install ducted air conditioning. Here are 3 reason not to install an air conditioning system in summer.

  • Every Quality air conditioning company is busy the more work they take on there is no need to reduce price.
  • You will get a better quality job done during the cooler months. Because the tradesmen are not working in a 50plus degree roof space.
  • Very few incentives from unit manufacturers. The best time is at the end of summer season or leading into summer season.

My own personal opinion is the best time to install a ducted air conditioning system  would be  between April to November.

Actron Air Split system

Are you looking to heat or cool a single room. An Actron air split system would be the perfect solution. A wall split has a much lower capital cost than a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. Make sure when choosing your air conditioning needs choose a quality brand.

actron air wall split serene 1