Actron Air Esp Plus

Actron Air Perth Esp plus

Actron Air Esp Plus is a truly versatile energy efficient unit that will do a fantastic job of heating or cooling your home or office in Perth. The Actron Air Esp Plus and the Actron Air Esp Platinum systems are in a league of there own. Because they both have some very unique features. When compared with other ducted air conditioning system on the market they are miles ahead.

Actron Air Esp Plus Ducted Air Conditioning System Features

Esp stands for energy smart performance. This is how the Actron Esp Plus keeps you at the right temperature all year around. Reducing your energy bills with style and efficiency.

Actron Air Esp Plus Condenser
  • The Main Feature in the Actron Air Esp Plus system is the variable fan speed technology. This enables the indoor unit to reduce the amount of air being delivered within your home. This can enable one room to be air-conditioned or the whole home the choice is yours. No other brand can offer this feature. Because they would need to use a dump zone as the speed of the indoor unit is too high. This, in turn, would use more energy
  • Energy smart zoning is at the core of the Esp Plus system. The zoning system has the ability to open and close the metal zone barrels. Because this will deliver the right amount of air to the areas you need within your home.
  • Actron Air Esp Plus system is the largest single phase unit on the market. This is a large factor if you have a large home and single phase power. It will save you a costly upgrade to 3 phase power.

Controlling  Actron Air Esp Plus Ducted Air Conditioning system

Esp Plus digital compressor

At the heart of the outdoor unit of your Actron air esp plus systems is the digital compressor. The compressor gives the system the ability to reduce the output of the compressor and in turn, this means cost saving. Therefore as an example a 19kw machine which running at maximum capacity. Would heat or cool a very large open living space during a very hot day. At night time that same machine could scale down and do a single bedroom. As a result, savings in energy would be produced.

house plan Esp Plus

The air conditioning design is a very important part of any ducted air conditioning system no matter which brand is used. The Esp Plus has the ability to vary the airflow to different outlets. Therefore you will have the right amount of air in the right rooms. Unlike a conventional inverter, which can take between 5 and 10 minutes to get up to full capacity, an ESP Plus system can get up to maximum capacity almost immediately – perfect for when you need to get comfy fast.


Actron Air Esp Plus Motorised Damper

The airflow of your Esp Plus system is directed to the areas of your home by opening and closing your Motorised Dampers. Actron uses a Fully insulated steel motorised damper that offers a fantastic 5 year Warranty. A Lot of other zoning systems on the market rather than steel use a plastic zoning system. The standard Actron Air wall controller has the control function for up to 8 zones built into the wall controller. Therefore you will only have one controller on the wall that will look more aesthetically pleasing.

motorised damper

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