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Actron Air Esp Platinum is the most advanced product in the Actron Air ducted air conditioning range. The Esp Platinum ducted air conditioning system is the most energy efficient within the range. The platinum systems also come standard with a true digital compressor. The unit will do a fantastic job of heating or cooling your home or office in Perth. The Esp Platinum system can be fitted with temp sensors, therefore, you can control the individual temperature within different rooms. As with all actron air ducted air conditioning systems they are manufactured in Australia.

Esp Platinum Ducted Air Conditioning Features

Actron Esp Platinum

Temperature Control: The Actron Air Esp Platinum is able to control and set different temperatures in different rooms all at the same time.

Variable fan Technology: With Variable Fan Technology, ESP Platinum can adjust its airflow so that it operates right down to 20% of total airflow capacity, delivering just the right amount of conditioned air to the zones you want it to.

Digital Compressor: unlike standard inverter compressor the Actron esp platinum does not use a step rest and stop method. The esp platinum uses a true inverter compressor which is a lot more accurate and reaches the desired setting quicker. This means more comfort and better energy saving.

Optional : the Actron Air Esp Platinum control system

With the Actron Air Esp Platinum, you have the option to upgrade the control system with the Actron Que controller.

Actron Air Perth Que controller

The que controller is Actron air most advanced control system offers a beautiful visual experience for controlling your air conditioning system. The Que controller offers features and benefits for great control of your air conditioning system. All the optional control features are wireless so no cabling or conduit running down walls.

Choose the right installation company and products

I have seen over the years many poor designs. So when choosing were to buy your system. Do your homework. Ensure good quality components are used and the company has a good online reputation. Because no matter how good the ducted air conditioning system is it cannot make up for poor design. Also, the use of inferior products will cause you grief in the future. An example would be Return air grille, we use an aluminium. A lot of air conditioning companies use plastic. Over time plastic can becomes brittle and breaks. An aluminium ceiling vent will not do this.

Finally, For more information or an obligation free quote give us a call. Or send us an email with your house plans for an obligation free quote.