Actron Air Connect

Actron air connect gives you the ability to control your Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system from anywhere in the world. Providing you have access to the internet. Many modern air conditioners now have wireless capabilities and the Actron range is no different.

Actron Connect Easy colour code

So for easy identification which mode you ducted air conditioning system is in Actron has made it easy.

Actron air connect display
  • Blue is for the cooling mode of your ducted air conditioning system
  • Red is for the heating function
  • Green is for fan only functions
  • Purple is for any automated function

All you need is internet access and your phone and you have your very own remote for your ducted air conditioning system. Therefore the Actron connect is compatible with all the different Actron Air models such as Classic, Esp Plus, Esp plus Ultima and finally the Actron Platinum. With the Actron Air Platinum, you can also upgrade to the Actron Que controller were the Actron connect is not required as the Que has inbuilt wireless technology.

Better Control at your finger tips

So with the Actron Connect you can control all aspects of your ducted air conditioning system. Such as,

  • The set temperature of your air conditioning system.
  • Turning your air conditioner on and off.
  • Setting timer on and timer off function.
  • Opening and closing zones to different areas of your home.
  • Control you system when your on the road away from home.

Reverse cycle air conditioning smarter control

Because Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are getting smarter and more convenient. The Actron Air connect gives you all that control at your fingertips. The Actron control systems are manufactured in Australia. This is an advantage as most other air conditioning brands on the market are made overseas. Therefore when choosing a ducted reverse cycle system to ensure you look at all aspects when choosing a brand.

So If you would like more information call in the factory for a chat and collect a brochure on your desired model.